Annual Report 2013: work in progress

The draft 2013 systematic list can be downloaded here. Completed sections are shown in bold below.

30 March 2016

Ken Moore Swans, Geese. Escapes and hybrids
Robert Godden Ducks
Andy Horscroft Gamebirds, Divers, Grebes, Gannet to Shag and Herons
Steve Ricks Birds of Prey
Marek Walford Waders
Andy Tomczynski Skuas, Gulls and Terns
Adam Bassett Pigeons, Ring-necked Parakeet and Cuckoo
Renton Righelato Nightjar, Owls, Chats and Thrushes, Rails
Mark Whitaker Swift and Woodpeckers
Pete Gipson Larks, Swallows, Pipits, Wagtails, Waxwing, Wren and Dunnock
Richard Crawford Warblers and Crests
Roger Stansfield Flycatchers, BeardedTit, Tits, Nuthatch and Treecreeper
Fraser Cottington Golden Oriole to Starlings
Dick Burness Sparrows Finches and Buntings