Change of proogramme

The talk by Professor Alex Kacelnik on Bird Intelligence, which was scheduled for 21st February, has now been postponed until the following Wednesday at the… Read More

Berkshire Records Committee changes

County Recorder, Richard Burness, announces three new BRC members and explains how observers can monitor the progress of record review.

Target species for recording in 2018

From a list of species in apparent decline, three species have been selected as being in urgent need of population assessment. The target species for… Read More

Programme 2017-18

The new programme of indoor and outdoor events is now published, with all events listed up to July 2018. Indoor events include talks by  some of… Read More

Bird flu 2016/7

Whilst there have not been a lot of wild birds found with the bird flu virus in the current (2016/7) winter, the cases have been… Read More

“Emptying the Skies” – Support LIPU

On Wednesday 20th January, Renton organized a screening of “Emptying the Skies” which exposes the wide scale killing of birds on migration through the Mediterranean,… Read More