Swift streets in Reading

The BOC’s Swift programme has now provided 75 boxes for schools and homes around Berkshire. With the help of SSE, who provided a tean with… Read More


Unfortunately this trip has been cancelled as the leader has been unwell.

Newbury Peregrines update

Ken White reports on the Peregrines that are breeding on the BT Exchange in Newbiury this year.

Red Kite monitoring

Kites are being fitted with wing tags to monitor their distribution and population. Please report sightings of tagged birds to c.v.prescott@reading.ac.uk

Target species for 2019

Please record any observations of Willow Tit, Marsh Tit and Bullfinch in 2019 and send to the County Recorder or submit online.

Outdoor Programme 2018-19

The new programme is now on-line for you to see. As usual, there is a nucleus of coach outings which will take us to locations… Read More