Deciduous woodland (brown) 10,800 hectares; coniferous woodland (turquoise) 3,200 hectares; mixed woodland (green) 3,400 hectares; scrub (red) 1,500 hectares.

Small patches of woodland occur in almost all tetrads in Berkshire, though there are larger areas such as Swinley Forest, Windsor Great Park and the Hermitage-Bucklebury area.   Much of the scrub follows roads, railways and paths. Together with hedgerows (indicated below by field boundaries), these linear features provide corridors between woodland fragments.

Field boundaries W

Field boundaries indicate the approximate amount of hedgerow.

From inspection of the aerial photographs used in TVERC’s habitat mapping, the total length of hedgerow in Berkshire was estimated to be 1,600 km, 60% of which included trees.