Species of concern

Around a quarter of the 122 species believed to be breeding in Berkshire in 2021 are considered to be of local or national conservation concern. As an aid to the Berkshire Ornithological Club’s conservation work, the conservation ream has reviewed species of potential concern and considered the need for mitigations.

Species of conservation concern have been selected based on one or more of the following criteria: (a) declining Berkshire abundance, (b) very small Berkshire population size, (c) serious national decline in abundance. Where we have been able to identify potential mitigation measures, these are indicated.  This is a work in progress that we hope will be helpful to others with responsibilities for nature conservation and we would welcome discussion and collaboration.

The species of concern, with a brief comment on their UK conservation concern listing and Berkshire status are: Goosander (rare breeder), Grey Partridge (redlist), Goshawk (rare breeder), Stone Curlew (amber list, scarce), Little Ringed Plover (scarce), Ringed Plover (red list, scarce), Curlew (red list, scarce), Lapwing (red list, declining), Redshank (red list, scarce), Woodcock (red list, declining), Turtle Dove (red list, probably lost as breeder), Cuckoo (red list, declining), Long-eared Owl (rare), Short-eared Owl (amber list, rare), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (red list rapid decline), Willow Tit (red list, rare and declining), Marsh Tit (red list, declining), Woodlark (local, vulnerable to habitat disturbance), House Martin (amber list, declining), Willow Warbler (amber list, declining), Grasshopper Warbler (red list, scarce or rare), Spotted Flycatcher (red list, declining), Nightingale (red list, declining), Meadow Pipit (amber list, declining). Yellow Wagtail (red list, declining), Tree Pipit (red list, rapid decline), Tree Sparrow (red list, lost to Berkshie), Yellowhammer (red list, declining), Corn Bunting (red list, more stable after 90% decline).

For more details and comment on potential mitigations download Berkshire Species of Conservation Concern. Population estimates for all 122 species thought to be breeding in Berkshire are available here.