How you can help the Club

Join the committee and help to run the Club

There are normally three committee posts up for election at every the AGM for a 3-year term. The committee are particularly looking for people who would be willing to take on key roles in running the Club; more details on what’s involved in being on the committee can be found here. If you would be willing to help, please contact the Secretary (


We need help with publicising the Club and its work in bird conservation in Berkshire. In particular we need

  • Someone to coordinate the publicity for the Club
  • People to help with distributing leaflets to nature reserves, libraries, information centres, etc.
  • People willing to ‘man’ the Club display at various events through the year.

More details on the jobs that need doing can be found here.

If you’d like to help, please contact the Secretary (

Membership and money

The BOC needs your help to strengthen its finances and build its membership for the longer term. There are many ways this can be done and we set out a few below. Our challenge is to encourage everyone to do at least one of these. Please help us to succeed.

  • Could you afford to increase your subscription? You may be able to afford to give up your retirement discount and pay the full rate or possibly increase a single subscription to a family rate?
  • Have you Gift Aided your subscription? If you are a taxpayer, you can increase the amount the club earns from your subscription by 22% without paying a single penny more yourself!
  • Could you include a donation to the Conservation Fund as part of your subscription?
  • Give a gift of BOC membership to someone for a birthday or Christmas. If you know someone who is interested in birds why not invite them along and gift them membership of the Club? They can come along to an evening meeting to try it for the usual guest entry fee which we will gladly refund against their first year’s subscription.

If you would be willing to do any of the above, please contact the Membership Secretary (

We would welcome offers of sponsorship or requests to place adverts, particularly for the annual report. Do you have a friend or know someone who might be willing to do this or maybe you are also in business and able to help? If you do, please ask them to contact the Secretary (

Raffle prizes

We hold raffles at most of our indoor meetings, for which we need prizes. Small gifts for this purpose would always be very welcome. Bottles, chocolates, books or maybe more imaginative, but unwanted gifts would always be welcome. Just bring any donations along to an indoor meeting.