Berkshire Records Committee

The members of the Berkshire Records Committee (March 2024) are:

  • Adam Bassett
  • Andy Horscroft (Secretary)
  • Ken Moore
  • Hugh Netley
  • Marek Walford (County Recorder – non-voting)
  • Nigel Rampton

The Berkshire Records Committee’s prime responsibility is for advising the Recorder on the scientific integrity of the records held in the County Bird Records Database. It reviews records of rarer species and publishes its adjudications in the Birds of Berkshire Annual Report. The constitution and procedures of the BRC can be viewed here.  The Berkshire Records Committee is subject to five yearly review by the BOC and NDOC.

Species for which notes or descriptions are required fall into 3 categories: (Category 1) Nationally rare species for which records first have to be accepted by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC); (Category 2) Locally rare species for which a full description is required (these includes all former BBRC rarities); (Category  3) Locally scarce species (or commoner species seen at an unusual time of year or exceptional circumstances) for which short supporting notes are required.

Minutes of committee meetings from September 2018 are posted below:

Meeting held 15th January 2019

Meeting held 18th September 2018

Meeting held 14th May 2019

Meeting held 14th January 2020