Photo Competition

The BOC holds a photographic competition annually.  The 2024 date is Wednesday March 20th and entries are welcomed from all members.

This will be held at Reading University and on Zoom. You may enter non-winning photographs from previous years if you would like to try them again.

The closing date for entries is midnight on Friday March 8th.

This year you can enter photos in three categories. The number you can enter is fewer this year as we intend all entries to be commented on by the judge.  You can enter up to four photographs with a maximum of two in any one category. (Tip: there are always fewer entries in the Birds of Berkshire category).

  1. Portrait
  2. Flight and Action
  3. Birds in Berkshire

Please email your entries to using the naming format below. You will receive an email receipt for your entries. Entries on CD or data stick can be handed to me if you prefer.

The Club may use photographs of birds taken in Berkshire in its publications.  If any of your photos were taken in Berkshire, whichever category they are entered into, please tell us when and where you took them, by following the relevant file naming format below. Other photos, not taken in Berkshire, do not require the date and location.

File naming format for photographs taken in Berkshire   

YourName_Category_BirdID_DateTaken_Location – for example    JaneCampbell_Portrait_Robin_25May22_MoorGreenLakes

File naming format for other photographs    

YourName_Category_BirdID – for example    JaneCampbell_Portrait_Robin

There will be prizes of £25 (category winners) and £10 (runner up) vouchers from London Camera Exchange and, of course, the kudos of winning the Gordon Langsbury Memorial trophy on a vote of members at the end of the evening.

This is an enjoyable evening, open to all members. You do not have to submit many images if you have only a few or even just one you particularly wish to share – all are welcome.

Photographic Competition 2020

The Gordon Langsbury memorial Trophy was won by Brian Winter’s Black Grouse which also won the Flight and Action category with Tony Ward’s Black Headed Gull the runner-up. Birds in their Environment was won by Andy Tomczynski’s Snipe and the runner-up was Brian Winter’s Gannets. A portrait of Collared Nightjar won the final category with Ewan Jones’s Spotted Sandpiper runner-up.

The Gordon Langsbury Memorial Trophy

Winner of the Trophy and of the Flight and Action category: Black Grouse by Brian Winter

Runner-up: Black Headed Gull by Tony Ward

Birds in their Environment Winner: Snipe by Andy Tomczynski

Birds in their Environment runner-up – Brian Winter’s Gannets

Portrait winner: Collared Nightjar by David Massie

Runner-up: Spotted Sandpiper by Ewan Jones

Photographic Competition 2019

Richard Collins won the Gordon Langsbury Memorial Trophy with his wonderful picture of a Welcome Swallow which was also winner of the portrait category with Mandarins by Ewan Jones taking second place. In first place in the action category was John Absolom’s Sanderling; second was Dave Rimes’ Splendid Fairy Wren. A Skylark taken by Ewan Jones took first place in the flight category with Richard Collins’ Australasian White Ibis in second place. This was a fun evening and thanks are due to our wonderful judges Ashley Grove and Colin Wilson.

Judge Ashley Grove awarding the Gordon Langsbury memorial Trophy to Richard Collins
Portrait and overall Winner: Welcome Swallow by Richard Collins
Action Winner: Sanderling by John Absolom
Flight Winner: Skylark by Ewan Jones

Photographic competition 2018

The winner the Gordon Langsbury Memorial Trophy and our Photo Competition for 2018 was John Absolom with his beautiful image of a Dunlin. Congratulations to John, keeping up our tradition of regularly finding new excellent photographers from our membership. The vote from the audience was close so the other category winners were unlucky. They were Martin Musselwhite with his amazing Osprey with Avocets and Ken White with a fabulous Black-headed Gull in flight. The standard was very high and I will try to post some further examples later. Winners not there on the night will receive their prizes in the post. Our thanks go again to Mary Braddock and Ashley Grove for being our excellent judges this year.

Photographic Competition 2017

The BOC’s 2017 photographic competition was held on 8th March, with judges Andrew Cleeve, author and photographer and Mike McKee, many times winner of our Photo Competition.

The winners and runners up in each of the categories were as follows, with the eventual winner (and new holder of the Gordon Langsbury Trophy) Michael Miller with a dynamic picture of two cock pheasants fighting, being chosen by the audience.

  • Portrait Winner – Whinchat John Walker; runner-up – Golden Plover Brian Winter
  • Action Winner –  Fighting Pheasants Michael Miller; runner-up Kestrel with mouse Brian Winter
  • Flight Winner – Annas Hummingbird John Walker; runner up – Fulmar Steven Day
  • 2023: Tawny Owl by Dave Rimes
  • 2022: Blackbird by Brian Winter
  • 2021: carrion Crow by David Massie
  • 2020: Black Grouse by Brian Winter
  • 2019: Welcome Swallow by Richard Collins
  • 2018: Dunlin by John Absolom
  • 2017 : Fighting Pheasants by Michael Miller
  • 2016 : Red-footed Falcon by Mike McKee
  • 2015: Eider and young by Bill Watts
  • 2014 : Little Owl by Brian Winter
  • 2013 : Cory's Shearwater by Ken White
  • 2012 : Kestrel by Brian Winter
  • 2011 : Blue Tit by Dave Bartlett
  • 2010 : Black-necked Grebe by Marek Walford
  • 2009 : Arctic Redpoll by Nick Boyes
  • 2008 : Grey Heron by Bill Watts
  • 2007 : Pallid Swift by Michael McKee