Where to Watch Birds

Where to Watch Birds in Berkshire – 20 of the best sites

Newly published in 2019, the Berkshire Ornithological Club’s guide to the best bird-watching sites in  the Royal County, written by Brian Clews and Renton Righelato, is now available. This beautifully illustrated, full-colour, 48 page  booklet provides site descriptions and access details, a discussion of the birds that may be found there, maps and photographs and a list of all the bird species recorded in Berkshire.

Copies can be obtained from the Berkshire Ornithological Club at Club meetings (price £6, BOC members £5) or by completing and returning the order form

Trade enquiries: Brian Clews, brian.clews@btconnect.com tel 01628 526091

Each site has an introduction describing the habitat, a map with access details and information about the the birds that may be found there. A sample page is shown here –