The BOC’s 2022 science series

Last night Professor Will Cresswell gave the first of  a number of talks this year by the UK’s leading ornithological scientists. It was a fascinating exploration of how our summer migrants use Africa, with new insights into how their migrations may have evolved and a discussion of the pressures they face as the continent develops. If you missed it, a recording will soon be available.

Next in the series , on 19th January,will be the joint University of Reading/BOC Annual Lcture given by Professor Nick Davis, FRS, from Cambridge, who will talk on his work on the behavious of Cuckoos. His book, “Cheating by Nature” is some of the best nature writing you can find – an infectious, erudite account of an evolutionary arms race between cuckoos and their hosts.

Then, on 2nd March, Professor Juliet Vickery, the Chief Executive of the British Trust for Ornithology, will discuss some of the work of the Trust that underpins our understanding of the UK’s birds.