BOC’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

Seventy five years ago the Reading Ornithological Club (now Berkshire Ornithological Club) was founded. To mark the anniversary, on Wednesday 2nd February, two of our past Presidents, Andy Swash and Neil Bucknell, and our current President, Renton Righelato, will celebrate some of the highlights of the Club’s history and its contributions to ornithology.

Renton will review the changes in our landscapes and the bird assemblages they support that have occurred since 1947, from the exigences of post-war reconstruction, to the effects of agricultural intensification in the 1960s-80s and on to today’s growing environmental awareness.

Birthday cake and soft drinks will be provided!

Member or non-member, all are welcome. To enjoy the cake, come in person to the meeting at the University of reading, Palmer Building, room 109, at 8pm, or you can join on Zoom by clicking on this link.