Penguins – a fish with feathers

Mike Leach

Tonight we’ll hear about the life and breeding habits of some of the eighteen species of this popular bird from the metre-tall Emperor Penguin to… Read More

A History of Fair Isle

Ian Cowgill

A fascinating insight into the history of this magical island and its birds!

Conservation Conversazione


A relaxed evening catching up with the latest news from some of our local conservation sites accompanied by a little festive fare!

Tantalising Tubenoses

Barry Oxley

A look at the many truly amazing ‘pelagic’ birds which spend most of their lives at sea.

Lammergeiers of the Spanish Pyrenees

Ashley Grove

This talk explains about Lammergeiers’ life history, where they can be found and shows the other species that share its world.

Birding Israel

Mike Alibone

Mike explores this small, Middle Eastern country’s dramatic habitat diversity and its influence on the distribution of many birds.