Records Archive

Records of observations are held in the County Database, extracts of which can be made available to bona fide users: contact our database manager Marek Walford (  Special disclosure provisions apply to some rare breeding or wintering species.

Records of rare and scarce species held on the County Database are validated or removed, as appropriate, following review by the Berkshire Records Committee or, for national rarities, the BBRC

The database covers the period 1996 to date; for earlier records the county annual reports and the Birds of Berkshire Atlas and Avifauna can be consulted.

The full County Database is not yet available online. However, records submitted via the berksbirds website, which comprise about 70% of all records, can be searched on that site.

The Berkshire Bird Bulletin, compiled by Bernard Clark, Brian Clews and Jerry O’Brien, is available online for the period 2008-2014 (BBB was discontinued at the end of 2014). The BBB archive provides the records in excel format and contains approximately 80% of the records in the County Database for that period. The BBB records are of sightings as reported and have not been subject to validation or review by the Berkshire Records Committee.

The Berkshire List includes all species recorded in the county to July 2013; an up to date list, but not yet validated by the Records Committee is available on berksbirds.