Updating the ROC?s constitution

Updating the ROC?s constitution

A number of changes to the Club?s constitution were approved at the Club?s AGM held on 7th December, before the Christmas Social (the AGM had been adjourned from 9th November, when a quorum was not present). The changes were necessary to bring the constitution in line with the Club?s aims and practices as they have evolved and with equal rights practice. The main points are:

  • The area of activity of the Club now includes the whole of Berkshire. We produce The Birds of Berkshire Report, organise recording and support bird conservation on a county-wide basis. Thus the previous restriction to the Reading area (Reading is only one of the six unitary authorities in Berkshire) was inconsistent with the Club?s activities.
  • Unambiguous inclusion of conservation in our objects as this is a growing part of the Club?s work.
  • Replacement of ?Family? membership with ?Joint? membership.
  • Removal of the Librarian from the list of Non-executive Officers required. The Club has not had a Librarian for many years: the Secretary maintains the Club?s archive of reports. The Committee has the power to appoint an officer to a new archival role, if required.
  • Clarification of Committee voting rights to ensure democratic governance.
  • Removing the limit on the number of guests a member may introduce.

The proposed changes have been accepted by the Charity Commission and can now take effect.

Colin Wilson –

30 December 2005