Target species for 2020

The nomination of “Target Species” for each year has led to a measurable increase in records received for those species. The programme will continue into 2020 with the species listed below about whose status we would like to know more. Please send in any breeding season records to the County Recorder.

Willow Tit

All records for Willow Tit were requested in 2019 to supplement the national survey taking place in that year. This major survey, organised by the RSPB, BTO et. al, will continue into 2020. Therefore, it has been decided that Willow Tit will again be one of our target species. Please submit all records of Willow Tit to the County Recorder.


The 2007-2011 Berkshire bird census showed Firecrest to be confirmed as breeding in eleven tetrads concentrated mainly in the east of the county with just a few in mid Berkshire. This represented a considerable increase from the earlier census (1987 – 1989). Anecdotal evidence suggests that this increase in range has continued. It is therefore requested that all records of Firecrest noted during the breeding season are submitted to the County Recorder.


The status of Lapwing as a breeding bird in Berkshire is unclear. The 2007-2011 census showed there to be confirmed breeding in 124 tetrads, a 20% decrease since the census twenty years earlier. Anecdotal evidence would again indicate a change not only in range but of density within that range. It is requested that all records of Lapwing displaying evidence of breeding be submitted to the County Recorder.

Richard Burness

Berkshire County Recorder