Swifts in trouble – help needed

Swifts in trouble – help needed

The BTO’s Breeding Bird Survey reports a 26% decline for Common Swift in the UK between 1994 and 2006, although for many regions the reported decline is
much higher – 42% in the South West, – 53% in the South East, for example. If the locations of the breeding sites are not established they cannot be
protected against destruction or obstruction during unsympathetic renovation or rebuilding.

The UK-SWIFTS PROJECT has been set up to identify breeding locations and work to stop the decline of this charismatic icon of summer. You can join the
project to register your support, and if you know the location of a Swift colony, report it. Many Club members will have witnessed the low level
screaming displays round their homes that indicate the presence of a Swift nest site in the immediate vicinity.

Observations may be submitted via the UK-SWIFTS Project discussion forum; or by email to
uk.swifts@yahoo.co.uk, or by voicemail to 07831 247089; or by SMS text message to 07831 247089. The data stored
is Date, Time, Latitude & Longitude, which can be submitted as Ordnance Survey coordinates if preferred, Street-name, Town, County, Number of birds,
First-name, Last-name & Comments e.g. “Site lost – demolished”, etc.

The project coordinator is Geoff Beale, 4 Bay Close, Three Legged Cross, Dorset, BH21 6SW.

Tel: 07831 247089.

Renton Righelato –

16 June 2008