‘Sponsor a species’ for the New Atlas

‘Sponsor a species’ for the New Atlas

The Birds of Berkshire Atlas for which the fieldwork is now underway will cost about £30,000. The Berkshire Bird Atlas Group (mainly BOC Committee members) is seeking funds for this and has made good progress. However, this is a massive sum and so, to involve our members and birdwatchers across the County it has launched a ‘Sponsor a species’ appeal.

The prices for sponsorship are between £20 and £50 and you can increase the benefit to the project by 25% if you are a taxpayer by making the donation via the BOC and ticking the Gift Aid box. If we manage to find sponsors for the 300 plus species we will have raised well over £6000.

What?s in it for me you may ask? Well, if helping to produce this landmark volume with data that will be of value for many years to help protect the countryside and help ensure farming aid and other grants go to the right places is not enough, you get 20% off the price of a new book and your name will appear in it as the species sponsor.

You can find the details of the Atlas and the offer on our Atlas website where there is a form to help you sponsor, or pick up a leaflet at Club meetings or ask Neil Bucknell, Renton or Colin if you have any questions.

The BOC is fully behind this project, hence creating an Appeal Fund for it so we hope you will be able to support it and ‘Sponsor a species’!

Colin Wilson –

20 November 2008