Scopac offer

Scopac offer

Those of you who are interested in buying a Scopac for carrying your telescope on your back, like a rucksack, will be interested to know of an arrangement I have made with the supplier, specially for the ROC and its members.

The original Scopac was £59.99. It has now been improved and called a Scopac plus. Additionally, it has a Digipac option which is a carrying facility that fits between the tripod legs, suitable for camera etc or maybe lunch! This would normally cost another £15.

LVS Products who make the product have offered the Scopac with the Digipac to our members for a short period at just £55. This is a substantial saving on the £74.99 so if you?re interested please contact Paul Lee on 07810 560916 or 01263 511587. When you call make sure you mention your membership of the Reading Ornithological Club to claim your discount.

Any purchasers of the original Scopac who wish to add the Digipac can do so at a special price for ROC members, if you call Paul Lee on the above numbers.

In case you wish to know how the Scopac is doing, several members bought them earlier this year and all those I have spoken to rate them very highly. Personally, I have had much use from it and it has been highly practical and usable in practice. The addition of the Digipac is exactly the adaption needed to make it truly practical. I have no hesitation in recommending it based on my experience.

The Club and the writer take no responsibility for the product or transactions made of course and neither are in any way financially involved in this offer which has been developed as a free service to members. Any problems should be referred directly to LVS Products.

Colin Wilson –

18 May 2005