Richard Burness, County Recorder 2016-20

Richard Burness, Berkshire’s County Recorder for birds, died unexpectedly on 29th January, aged 76. His funeral was held today, 27th February 2020. Richard was a well-kown and well-loved Berkshire birder, who took on the role of Recorder four years ago and quickly gained the admiration and respect of all of us who worked with him, in the BOC and NDOC, on the Berkshire Records Committee and in the wider birding community.

A meteorologist by trade, he served many years on North Atlantic Ocean Weather Ships, worked on surveys of cetaceans in the years leading up to the global whaling ban in 1986 and contributed to bird surveying across the UK. An appreciation of his birding life can be seen here.

Our sympathies go to Patricia, his wife, and the rest of his family and close friends.

In memory of Richard and in lieu of flowers, donations are invited to Bracknell Foodbank, the Humane Research Trust or the Berkshire Ornithological Club.