Reminder about extra Indoor meeting – 27th April

Reminder about extra Indoor meeting – 27th April

Just a reminder to everyone that we have an extra ROC meeting booked for the
coming week. We look forward to seeing a good turnout to enjoy what promises
to be an evening of great interest and pleasure, when one of the club’s most
successful photographers will share with us an expanded version of the
programme he originally prepared for last autumn.

Wednesday, 27th April 2005 (at our usual venue)

Dickie Duckett will present “My Photographic Year”.

This is the programme that was postponed due to technical failure at the

Dickie once again won the Gordon Langsbury Trophy for the best overall entry
in the 2005 Photographic Competition, so we can be assured of an evening of

As Renton Righelato is be unable to be present Colin Wilson will now report
on the findings of the Questionnaire.

Ray Reedman –

25 April 2005