Prudential Kennet Valley Park development update

Prudential Kennet Valley Park development update

We set out below the text of an article posted on The Southcote Website by a Southcote Councillor. This stresses the risks of development on flood plains in the light of recent and increasingly frequent severe weather conditions affecting not only the UK but elsewhere in the world.

We have been informed the Planning Application will be made in May and it will then be possible to respond with objections as appropriate. There may be some prior opportunity to consider and review the environmental impact assessment. In the meantime, local groups are co-operating together on the matter and preparing for the lodging of the application. It is not appropriate for us to publish all our views on our website but we do welcome any comments from members who feel they would like to help in fighting this proposal or have information or advice about any aspects of it. Please feel free to contact concerning the matter with offers of help or matters of concern.

The ROC is in contact with BBOWT and the RSPB about the impact of the development on birdlife. All records of breeding birds and wildlife in the area concerned are important. Please submit them in the usual way to the ROC, County Recorder or to the other relevant wildlife groups for species other than birds.

Southcote Councillor calls on local residents to oppose water meadow development

Following recent weather reports in the last 24 hours, which have cited up to 80 severe weather warnings around the UK and massive flooding around Carlisle in Cumbria, Northumberland, North Wales and Scotland, Southcote Councillors have again called on local residents and the Council to seriously consider the affects of plans by the Prudential to build around the water meadows.

The plans, which have been drawn up by the Prudential, who have formed a consortium with other land-owners in Kennet Meadows [the land between Reading and the M4], are pressing ahead with their proposals to build 7,500 houses there. It is expected that they will submit a formal planning application by the summer of this year.

Southcote Councillor Chris Swaine, remains deeply concerned about the potential development and the impact it will have on Southcote residents. He says that the plans are fundamentally flawed by not addressing 3 major concerns around the environmental and ecological impact of the development and the sustainability of the development once the developers, who stand to make millions of pounds worth of profit have disappeared off into the night, with their pockets bulging full of loot.

He said “Over the last few years, we have seen increasing devastation caused by flooding around the country – presumably local Councils and residents were coaxed into approving these developments based on developer promises and they are now paying the price.

Residents must be under no illusion that in a few years time, they might well find their houses flooded because of this development. Our meadows are called ‘water meadows’ for a very good reason and they should not be tampered with at the expense of false promises of land and honey.”

Colin Wilson –

17 January 2005