Project Parakeet

Project Parakeet ? help us learn more about them and their impact

If you have parakeets regularly visiting your garden you can help an important project gather more information about them.

Put simply, all that?s required is for you to allow the project to install a feeder in your garden (food paid for) and monitor birds present for 20 minutes a week. This would be for twelve months and the type of feeder would be changed by the project after 6 months to exclude the parakeets. So this is an easy way for you to help some important research from the comfort of your own house!

Please have a look at the webpage here and for more information you can visit to learn more.

Hannah Peck from Imperial College, Silwood Park is the main contact and you can contact her and volunteer or ask questions at

The Club would like to support research and surveys for birds and hopes you can help this project.

Colin Wilson –

21 October 2011