Please send us your records for 2016

A message from the County Recorder

We are now entering the second quarter of 2017. Time, perhaps, for a gentle reminder to those who submit records to myself or the database manager via an annual spreadsheet (or by hard copy) that now would be a good time to send in your 2016 records. The data you provide are used for several purposes, not just the Annual Review, and timeliness of submission enables me to achieve deadlines for other reports and outcomes. There is, of course, no need to wait until the end of each year as the records can be imported into the database at any time. Try monthly or quarterly. I should also remind you that the more information you can provide the better. The more we can put into the database the more we, and others, can get out of it. So please use the remarks column to note any activity – were the birds singing, calling, showing nesting activity, flying (if so, in which direction)? The importance of submitting negative records should also be highlighted. Only by noting absences will we be able to identify the next species to follow the Tree Sparrow, the Willow Tit, and the Lesser-spotted Woodpecker into decline.

For more information go to our submitting records page.

Richard Burness

County Recorder for Berkshire

email to:

post to: Richard Burness, 20 Burlsdon Way, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2PH.