Photographic Competition 2016

Start picking your images now and choose the best for this season’s competition. You can enter from one to nine attempts, with a maximum of three in each category, Portrait, Action/Behavior or Flight. Click for the rules.

Your entries must be with Colin Wilson by 2nd February, a full month ahead of the Competition date, you can send them by email or on a CD.  Email address is

This year the judges are our own Dickie Duckett and Mike Lane FRPS who will be known to members for his past visits to the Club and his wonderful photography. They will have an early viewing and select the best for detailed discussion on the evening. All your entries will be shown, that’s one of the reasons for cutting down the numbers from four per category to three this year.

As always, the best  entries will be sorted out by the judges for a final showing and then picking winners and runners up in each category. Prizes will be awarded to them. The climax of the evening is the audience vote for the best image of the year – the winner then receives The Gordon Langsbury Memorial Trophy.

We love to have new photographers taking part. If you look at past winners you will see how they vary, whether it be the subject or the photographer, so don’t be afraid, if you like them enter them!