Photographic Competition 2010

BOC Photographic Competition ? 17th March 2010

We are now inviting entries for the 2010 Competition and the Gordon Langsbury Cup. The maximum entries you can submit will be four in each category and they must be sent, preferably by email, to the Organiser, Colin Wilson by 10th March at the latest. The categories will be Digiscoped, Portrait and Action. This year there will be no Digiscoped competition unless we receive a total of more than 20 entries from a minimum of six people so do please send them in if you use this method of photography. To enter Digiscoped the photograph must have been taken using a camera through a telescope. Portrait is a picture taken by any camera or method demonstrating a bird clearly, preferably in its natural habitat. Action is a photograph of the bird in movement which may be flying, feeding, preening or any other activity. No photographs of captive birds will be acceptable.

Prizes will be given for the winners and runners-up in each category. The overall winner wins the Gordon Langsbury Cup for 2010. For more information see 2009 Photographic Competition Rules or call Colin Wilson on 01252 837411 or email at

This year we hope will match or surpass last year?s competition so get out the cameras and get shooting! And don?t think the competition is sown up before you join in ? in the last seven years there has been a different winner of the Gordon Langsbury Cup every time!

Colin Wilson –

18 January 2010