Oxfordshire?s Avifauna Atlas Project 2005

Oxfordshire?s Avifauna Atlas Project 2005

The ROC has been advised of the above project by the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre. The main support organisations are: Oxford Ornithological Society, Banbury Ornithological Society, BTO and the RSPB. The Records centre is providing project support.

The project will follow the survey methodology used for the last Oxfordshire Atlas in the 1980?s, specifically asking volunteers to survey randomised tetrads throughout the county. The volunteers will be sought soon, including survey area co-ordinators.

Where members of the ROC actively watch cross county tetrads they may wish to be involved or to support the work of the project. ROC members with experience of atlas surveys are also invited to attend presentations on the project and to share their experience.

Further details are available from Gavin Bird, Oxfordshire Records Centre Manager, c/o Oxfordshire Museum, Fletcher?s House, Park Street, Woodstock, Oxon, OX20 1SN. Tel. 01993 814147.

Colin Wilson –

10 August 2004