Outdoor Programme 2018-19

The new programme is now on-line for you to see.

As usual, there is a nucleus of coach outings which will take us to locations that might be just too far for a day out in the car.  The sites visited are all major ones which will guarantee some exciting bird watching. All are available to members of BOC and RSPB and their friends, as well as to non-members who want to make use of these opportunities.

Our other trips and walks include both old favourites and new ideas: the main objective is to exploit a range of habitats appropriate to each season. We don’t chase rarities, but we do plan to be in places where these might be found, so our trips will suit people with a range of experience and skills. In any case we learn from each other in the field, and even old hands can benefit in a group from sharper eyes and ears.

Unfortunately we have lost two traditional leaders this year, both of whom have been invaluable. Adrian Lawson has stepped into Renton’s shoes as a local leader, but the traditional February weekend in Suffolk and Norfolk is missing because, after more than 30 years of commitment to BOC, Colin Wilson has decided to retire from activity. His input has been remarkable and we much appreciate what he has done. That is a warning sign, though, since several other leaders struggle to maintain their commitment as age catches up. We simply need some new blood, so would like to hear from anyone who would enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Even one walk a year would help enormously.

Please be alert to possible changes during the year. We sometimes need to change a leader, move a date, or even cancel a trip, so we use announcements at meetings, notification by email and notices on the web-site to flag changes of plan. Amendments on this web-site will be headlined in ‘News’ and highlighted on the trip outline.

If the full programme runs without a hitch, and if you attend most or just some of what is on offer, you will get plenty of fresh air and exercise, you will learn something new, you will make new friends, and you will see a lot of birds.  I look forward to another good year!

Ray Reedman, (Outdoor Programme coordinator)