Kennet Valley Park ? Important action needed

Kennet Valley Park ? Important action needed

Most members should know the application for this development has been submitted to various local authorities. It is vital we now
show our opposition as a group and individually. We will be sending a submission on behalf of the ROC but need your help in making
the weight of opposition felt. Much has been written before about the impact on wildlife and birds in particular and details can be
found on the ROC website and in our Newsletters on the subject. We believe there will be objections from the RSPB and BBOWT based
on the damage to the wildlife rich habitat which has both high density and variety of avian species.

The main application is to West Berkshire Council under reference 06/01795/OUTMAJ and the final date for
objections is 13 September 2006. You can submit comments online.
A Summary document has been made by Kennet Valley Preservation Association, a group
known to us who also oppose the development. This does not mean the KVPA shares the same interests as birdwatchers and we are not
connected to them in any direct way. This may however, help you to express some of your concerns if you have insufficient time to
assemble your thoughts from the documents available. It is advisable to use your own words and concerns in your submission and not
copy verbatim the comments of others.

The full documentation for this development proposal is on the UK Planning website.

If you make your views known at this stage you should be invited to participate in the Public Enquiry that will follow. This means
after we have had more time and opportunity to develop our case against the proposals we will have plenty of chances to make our
points to the Inspector. Please watch our website for more details in due course.

Colin Wilson –

31 August 2006