Historic county avifaunas on offer

The BOC has been given a number of county bird books of some historic interest to offer to members, all in good condition:

Birds of Norfolk. MJ Seago, second edition, 1977

The Birds of Suffolk. WH Payn, second edition 1978

Lakeland Birds. WR Mitchell and RW Robson, second edition, 1976

Birds of Derbyshire. RA Frost, 1978

Birds of Kent. DW Taylor, DL Davenport and JJM Flegg, 1983

Birds of Hertfordshire. Tom Gladwin and Bryan Sage,1986

The Birds of Essex. Simon Cox, 1984

We also have:

Birds of Prey their biology and ecology. Leslie Brown, 1976

If you would like any or all of these, please contact Renton Righelato