Golden Oriole for Sale

Golden Oriole for Sale

Robert Gillmor has donated the original of the beautiful cover picture of The Birds of Berkshire 2002 to the ROC to raise funds for the Club. A painting like this by Robert could fetch in excess of £200. Sealed bids are invited by 24th November 2004.

By post Your offer, with your name, address and telephone number, should be in a sealed envelope marked ORIOLE on the back and sent to Renton Righelato, 63 Hamilton Road Reading, RG1 5RA (tel 0787 981 2564 email

By hand Offers in sealed envelopes as above may be handed to Renton Righelato at the ROC meeting on 24th November 2004 by 9 pm.

Bids will be opened by the Secretary, witnessed by a committee member not participating in the sale, and the highest bidder will be announced at the end of the meeting and contacted by phone if not present.

Renton Righelato –

15 November 2004