Garden Bird Research

Garden Bird Feeding Research: Volunteers Needed!

At a time when green spaces in towns and cities are comingunder increasing pressure, our gardens represent havens formany species of wildlife. Birds in particular come regularly tomany gardens to feed, often on seeds, nuts or scraps put outby people. This food supply helps many birds through toughwinters and may help them to raise more young.

Ecologists at the University of Reading are now launching aseries of projects to look at some of the impacts of feedingbirds in our gardens, including the effects on species otherthan birds. They are currently looking for volunteers inReading to join two of their projects.

The first, the ?Reading bird feeding survey?, is a long-termscheme that simply involves recording how much and whattype of bird food you put out. The second, ?Do garden birdsearn their keep??, is a shorter experiment to look at whethergarden birds reduce the numbers of insects on plants. Youcan help with this second experiment even if you do not feedbirds in your garden or only feed in winter.

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Mike Taylor –

23 May 2010