Fobney Island Working Party

Fobney Island Working Party

The ROC is working with Reading Borough Council to develop Fobney Island
as a wetland nature reserve. A first step is to create a screen of willow along the bank of the River Kennet. The
willow whips have arrived and we will be planting them in the morning of Wednesday 2nd March from 10 am. Come
along if you can, if possible with a pair of secateurs.

We will be based at Fobney Lock: from the A33 going north into Reading, after the Green Park exit, follow the sign
to the “Civic Amenity Site” (if you are coming out from Reading, you will need to go to the Green Park roundabout
on the A33 and double back). At the entrance to the rubbish tip, take the lane on the right, which leads you to
Fobney Lock. There is a rough parking area at the end of the lane.

For information, call Renton Righelato on 0118 9264513 or 0787 981 2564 or email

Renton Righelato –

24 February 2005