Flying with the Birds

Flying with the Birds ? 3rd February 2010

The next BOC indoor meeting will take place this coming Wednesday (3rd February) in Room 109 of the Palmer Building, Reading University starting at 8pm.

The talk by Paul Cropper is entitled “Flying with the Birds” and will cover the work of the government’s bird-strike avoidance team.

Paul is a member of the Central Science Laboratory’s team working on bird-strike. He has worked extensively around Heathrow, on gulls and other potential bird hazards for aircraft. The talk, illustrated with slides and videos, will look at how these hazards are monitored and avoidance measures. Although now based in Yorkshire, he still often works in Berkshire and is a long-standing member of the BOC.

Please come along for what promises to be an interesting talk about an issue affecting both feathered birds and those big silver ones that most of us use to travel around the world.

Renton Righelato –

1 February 2010