Committee Members Needed

Committee Members Needed!

There are three Ordinary committee member posts to be filled at this year?s AGM: 2 for 3 years and one for 1 year. All Ordinary members of the Committee are automatically Trustees of Berkshire Ornithological Club and as such are registered as such with the Charity Commission. The generic responsibilities of Trustees are laid down in the Charity Commission leaflets ?The Essential Trustee ? an Introduction? and ?Being a Trustee? (both available from the Hon. Secretary on request).

Specific responsibilities for Ordinary BOC committee members are:

  • To represent the views of the membership of the Club.
  • To make attendance at committee meetings (normally 4 per year) a priority and to take an active part in such meetings. To be prepared for such meetings by reading any documents issued prior to the meeting.
  • To act in the best interests of the Club and to abide by the Club constitution when taking decisions in committee.
  • To be willing to assist in activities required to implement decisions made by the committee.
  • To be willing to take on responsibilities involved in running the Club as requested by the committee. This may include being a member of one or more sub-committees.

This year the committee are particularly looking for people who would be willing to take on one or more of the following responsibilities:

  • Publicity officer (to coordinating publicity for the Club’s activities). This could involve doing any of the following (depending on the person/people taking this on):
    • Coordinating distribution of BOC leaflets to nature reserves, libraries and garden centres
    • Design, printing and coordinating distribution of posters as and when necessary
    • Advertising of events on various community websites
    • Passing information on Club activities to the local media
  • Managing the Club’s presence at external events. This could involve doing any of the following (depending on the person/people taking this on):
    • Identifying events where the Club could have a stand
    • Finding volunteers to help run the stand
    • Maintaining the display boards to be used on the stand
  • Someone to join the programme sub-committee to take responsibility for excursions. This would involve preparing a programme of excursions for the club programme card, arranging suitable leaders and agreeing the programme with the committee. Help will be available from other committee members and regular leaders.
  • Someone to run the raffles at the indoor meetings. The person who runs raffles should ideally be a regular attendee at indoor meetings, though it would be possible to find cover for the occasions when they cannot attend. The job involves finding prizes (either from donations or by buying them), running the raffle (by selling tickets, folding the stubs and arranging for the winners to be drawn) and passing the money to the Treasurer.
  • A link between the Club and the University. The committee would like to develop stronger links with staff and students at the University, particularly on relevant courses.

The first two roles could be divided between more than one person if necessary, but one of those people would need to take a lead role and be on the committee. Anyone taking on one of the last three roles does not necessarily need to be a member of the committee.