Club name change

Club name change

Following the postal ballot in favour of the Club adopting the name ?Berkshire Ornithological Club?, members voted formally to amend the constitution on 21st March (for 120; against 24). The reasons for the change are:

  1. The great majority of the Club?s 330 members live in Berkshire and just over its southern border. The majority (60%) live outside the greater Reading area (ie Reading, Earley and Woodley) , spread right across the county.

  2. The Club has increasingly carried out the role of a county club. For example it maintains the county database, supports the County Recorder, funds and produces the county annual reports and manages the Birds of Berkshire Conservation Fund.

  3. The name better reflects the nature of the Club as it has evolved and will enhance its attractiveness to people outside the Reading area, so strengthening membership. It will provide a clear focus for ornithological issues across the Berkshire and would give the Club more influence outside Reading with the media, local authorities etc.

Reading, which is towards the geographical centre of the county, will continue to provide the focus for indoor meetings. The Club will continue to work with other bird clubs in the region and hopes to establish a platform for collaboration across the county.

The Committee will be meeting shortly to finalise the details of the change, which it is intended to implement for the 2007/8 season.

Renton Righelato –

12 April 2007