Call for Photos for Atlas

Birds of Berkshire Atlas 2007-11

As mentioned recently at Club meetings we are seeking photographs to illustrate habitats in Berkshire to use in the new book. As we have so many superb photographers in the Club we invite you all to submit photographs to of the following:

  • Flood plains in flood, preferably with wildfowl
  • Gravel workings showing suitable LRP habitat
  • Gravel pit – derived habitat (lake with reedy edges)
  • Heathland (showing heather and/or gorse and birch scrub)
  • Downland open area
  • Lowland open arable area
  • Deciduous forest, mature with and without rich understorey
  • Coniferous forest ? mature, demonstrating Firecrest and Redstart habitat
  • Urban environment: eg town centre view showing rooftops to illustrate Swift/Peregrine/Black Redstart breeding environment.

The book is intended to provide funds for conservation so no payment will be made but acknowledgment of the photographer will, of course, be included in the book. The best quality images possible will be needed and selection of suitable images will be made by the Berks Bird Atlas Group.

Colin Wilson –

28 March 2012