Birds of Berkshire 2003 ? submit your records

Birds of Berkshire 2003 ? submit your records

We are starting work on this in the New Year. We need as many records as we can get to make the Report as comprehensive as possible; common bird records, breeding records and rarity records are all required at the latest by 31 December 2004.

The way to submit records is outlined on the BerksBirds website and it can be done manually, by post or online using the methods shown. For this report Peter Standley remains the Recorder and any sensitive records or paper records you wish to submit direct should go to him or to Colin Wilson, if by email.

We welcome articles relating to birds in Berkshire, specific to the year or generally and also about birding sites and local patches or surveys where a story can be told. Articles on current conservation issues will also be sought.

Members of the ROC are encouraged to submit artwork, paintings, photographs or field notes they would like to see in the report ? the only caveat is the birds should be Berkshire birds and if rarities relevant to the year 2003. Please ask Colin Wilson if you need more information.

The Birds of Berkshire Report is produced from birdwatchers records and while it is used as a statement of the status of birds in the county each year, it makes a valuable record of the activities of birdwatchers for all time and enables those submitting records to make their mark on county birdwatching. Please do join in and make it a success.

Colin Wilson –

27 October 2004