Berkshire Bird Index 2008

Berkshire Bird Index 2008

2008 was the ninth year of the Berkshire Bird Index (BBI). The BBI was started in 2000 to use statistically analysed hard data to try to measure changes in bird populations in the county, especially for the more common species. It uses the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) methods and data, and the BTO carries out the analysis. The BBI achieves a much larger coverage across the county than is usual for a BBS, to give as thorough a picture of Berkshire?s birds as possible, and Berkshire has one of the highest number of BBS observers of any county in the UK, with 95 squares surveyed in 2008 (about 5.2 % of the county).

The report discusses the changes in both resident and migratory species in Berkshire over 2000-2008 (the period for the BBI) and 1994-2008 (the period for the BBS). The changes for 1994-2008 are compared with changes in the South-East of England over the same period.

The BBI is a work in progress, and the population trends will become clearer and more reliable the longer the survey runs. Consequently, we very much hope that we can maintain or expand the number of squares surveyed, so if you do not have a square, volunteer today!

Patrick Crowley –

17 Aug 2010