Berkshire Bird Atlas – Your County Needs You!

Berkshire Bird Atlas – Your County Needs You!

In preparation for a new bird atlas for Berkshire we need to test some
survey methods this winter. A team of 50 people are required to do this properly. The survey work should be quite
easy and average experience as birdwatchers should be enough ? in other words, you don?t have to be a top expert!
The location of the survey is not clear yet but it will entail just a few hours of time over the winter.

This is important for us in Berkshire to show we can do this and to give a good result in the testing. Hopefully,
when the real thing starts in a couple of years you will be able to help us produce a new Atlas to update the
1996 Birds of Berkshire.

If you are willing to help or at least try to help, please let Chris Robinson
or Brian Clews know. Please volunteer now ? this can be a very
rewarding and enjoyable activity with a positive result at the end. We must find 50 by 1 November so the message
is “Your County needs you”!

Colin Wilson –

6 October 2005