Atlas Surveyors Meeting

Annual General Meeting

At a well-attended Club AGM on 11th November, the Chairman, Neil Bucknell, reported that membership continues to grow – the Club now has about 400 members, twice the size of seven years ago. In the last year, the Club negotiated an access license for its members to Queen Mother Reservoir and is working with Reading Borough Council and others on a number of conservation projects. Ken Moore’s summary of bird records for the year was delivered by Colin Wilson. Our Treasurer, John Roberts, explained that after seven years without a change, it would be necessary to increase subscription rates in 2010 – full details will be published in the New Year.

Neil Bucknell retired as Chairman after his three-year term. His successor is Renton Righelato who stood down as Secretary after 8 gruelling years – Mike Turton took up the secretarial pen. Three other Committee members retired at the end of their three-year terms: Rosalind Stanley, Andy Tomczynski and Colin Wilson. They were replaced by Neil Bucknell, Fraser Cottington and Bill Nicoll. The President, Gordon Langsbury, thanked all the Officers and Committee members and went on to give a spectacular presentation on wintering birds in New Mexico.

Renton Righelato –

20 November 2009