Annual Report 2002 ? Can you help?

Annual Report 2002 ? Can you help?

Calling all members to assist with the completion of this report! We need some line drawings and a few photographs
to adorn the publication. Can you help with either? We can use most pictures of local birds but specialities
photographed or seen in 2002 would be of most help.

If you think you can assist us or wish to discuss it further could you please contact
Colin Wilson or Peter Standley to
discuss. We aim to publish in the next couple of months.

On a second point, we also need some advertising or sponsorship. If you own a business would you be happy to make a
small contribution in return for an advertisement? Alternatively, why not ask your boss if he or she would support
a good cause and get some positive publicity? A quarter page advert is just £25 and a half page would cost £50. A
full page is available for £100.

One final suggestion is that anyone able to support the club by a personal donation to the cost of the report would
be acknowledged in appropriate fashion so for example, a quarter page message of support could be provided for £25
or be treated anonymously as you wish.

Please let Colin Wilson know if you can help in this way. Thank you for
your support.

Colin Wilson –

10 June 2004