Annual Photographic Competition ? 22 February 2006

Annual Photographic Competition ? 22 February 2006

In acknowledgement of the number of photographers now using digital cameras we are adjusting the categories for the
competition in 2006. There will be four categories:

  • Best slide photograph of a bird (this can be a portrait or action shot)
  • Best digiscoped bird in Berkshire
  • Best digital bird portrait
  • Best digital bird action photograph

The rules will be almost the same as last year but the main change is that the limit for entries to each category
is now limited to 5 instead of 3, so up to 20 photographs may be submitted by participants. Following his
retirement from the competition, Dickie Duckett will join Gordon Langsbury as a second judge in 2006. The rules and
methods of submitting photographs are detailed here. If you need a paper copy please ring Colin
Wilson on 01252 837411 and he?ll send you one.

We would like as many entries as possible and the digiscoping category should open up the field for quite a few
more members to take part. Another excellent competition is in prospect.

Colin Wilson –

12 December 2005