2017 Photographic Competition

This year’s competition takes place on 8th March and we are hoping for the usual tough challenge for our judges. The rules are exactly the same as in 2016.  You can enter up to nine images, three in each of the three categories, ie, Portrait, Action/behaviour or Flight. There will be prizes for all category winners and runners up and the overall winner will win the Gordon Langsbury Memorial Trophy.
Colin Wilson needs the entries sent to him by 20th February to give time for the preparation of the evenings entertainment. Please email entries to wilson.blakeney@gmail.com  Each image should be labelled with the species of bird and all initials of the photographer. This saves a lot of time in sorting the images. Files in excess of 2 or 3 MB may cause problems with email etc so please try to limit the size.
So, now is the time to sort those best images out and prepare them for one of our most popular evenings………………