The Bermuda Petrel

Andrew Cleave

Andrew Cleave MBE Formerly the head of Bramley Frith Environmental Education Centre, in retirement Andrew is busy with writing, lecturing, photography and tour leading in the UK and abroad. He is a committee member of the Lundy Field Society and is involved with a study of the island’s flora. Andrew’s most recent book, co-authored with Dr Paul Sterry, is the Coastal Wildflowers of Britain, Ireland and NW Europe.

Back from the Brink – the remarkable story of the recovery of the Bermuda Petrel from near-extinction to a small but viable population today. This very rare seabird once lived in vast colonies on Bermuda but after the islands were colonised by humans the population plummeted. Due to some remarkable conservation work the numbers have now slowly built up and the future does not look so bleak. Bermuda has a dense human population and very little natural habitat is left, but there is still plenty of wildlife there, above and below the waves, and it is a good destination for a winter wildlife holiday.