The Behaviour of Cuckoos

Nick Davies FRS

Nick Davies FRS is a British field naturalist and zoologist, and Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Pembroke College. We are delighted that he is giving the third in our series of joint University of Reading – BOC Annual Lectures.

His work on brood parasitism in the Dunnock and on cuckoos and cowbirds has revealed fascinating insights into their behaviour – an evolutionary arms race between the bood parasite and its host.

He has twice won the “Best Book of the Year” award from the BTO, for his books Cuckoos, cowbirds and other cheats and  Cuckoo – Cheating by Nature. His writing is erudite – examining how our perception of Cuckoos has evolved over the centuries – and scientifically enthralling.

We will be meeting in person in Room 109 in the Palmer Building at usual, but if you prefer to join remotely, please click on this link to join the meeting.  You can join from 7.45 pm and the meeting will start at 8 pm.  You will be muted when you join; please stay muted except when you have been asked to unmute, for recent sightings, questions, etc.