Monitoring Rare Breeding Birds

Dr. Mark Eaton

We will be meeting in person in Room 109 in the Palmer Building at usual, but you can also join remotely via Zoom if you prefer.  Please click here to join the meeting. You can join from 7.45 pm and the meeting will start at 8 pm.  You will be muted when you join; please stay muted except when you have been asked to unmute, for recent sightings, questions, etc.

Dr Mark Eaton is the Secretary of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel, as well as being Chair of the European Bird Census Council, and was until recently Principal Conservation Scientist in Monitoring Science in the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science. As this would suggest, his expertise lies in developing the monitoring and reporting on the status of birds and other biodiversity both in the UK and overseas. When not doing this, he’s usually to be found birding in the Northumberland countryside.

Monitoring rare breeding birds in the UK: the Rare Breeding Birds Panel was established in 1972 as independent body to collate data and report on the status of the country’s rarest breeding birds. Mark will give an overview of the work of the RBBP, share some of its most recent findings on rare breeding birds across the UK, and show how birdwatchers can help the work of the Panel.