Lundy and its House Sparrows

Julia Schroeder

We will be meeting in person in Room 109 in the Palmer Building at usual, but you can also join remotely via Zoom if you prefer.  Please click here to join the meeting. You can join from 7.45 pm and the meeting will start at 8 pm.  You will be muted when you join; please stay muted except when you have been asked to unmute, for recent sightings, questions, etc.

Julia is a Senior Lecturer for Ecology and Evolution at Imperial College London.  Her research primarily focuses on the evolutionary basis of social traits, with studies focused on a wild population of house sparrows living on Lundy Island. Her interest in Ornithology has been kindled in Germany, where she grew up.

She later moved to Sheffield University where she put together the genetic pedigree of the sparrows living on Lundy Island and continues working on this population to this day. She also led a research group at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany, where she set up a captive population of house sparrows, that she moved with her when she accepted the position of Lecturer at Imperial.

She will present her research on mate choice, animal personality and social networks in House Sparrows.