Lammergeiers of the Spanish Pyrenees

Ashley Grove

Ashley has had a passion for nature and the great outdoors from  a very young age. He is a recommended speaker for the RSPB, BTO and Royal Horticultural Society and gives around 50 talks a year . His subject matter for the talks is taken from his travels, which began in The Gambia and so became the obvious destination for his first guided tour.    

Lammergeiers, otherwise known as the Bearded Vulture, have to be on most birdwatchers list of must-see in your lifetime birds and this lecture doesn’t disappoint in showing just why that is.  The species fills a unique niche in the food chain, and is without doubt a truly fascinating bird, with its 9′ wingspan, stunning plumage and almost dragon like features, it’s no wonder they are an attraction to us all.

The talk explains about their life history, where they can be found and shows the other species that share its world, including Golden Eagle, Griffon and  Monk Vulture along with various smaller birds. The lecture also has some movie footage of Lammergeier and golden Eagle and includes some highlights of a second Spanish site ideal for watching golden Eagle and vultures.