ROC Photographic Competition 2005

ROC Photographic Competition 2005

This year, 2005, we are continuing our successful competition for slides but will have just three categories: Bird Portrait (perched or in flight); Birds in their habitats (e.g a small bird image in a relevant habitat); Composition and form (not necessarily birds but wildlife or nature subjects).

In addition, we are including for the first time, a digital photography section with a single category for best bird picture.

Each of the four categories will be judged and winners chosen by Gordon Langsbury. The meeting will then, on a show of hands, choose the overall winner who will win the Gordon Langsbury Cup, currently held by Richard Chaplin for his Maribou Storks winner in 2004.

Overall rules

  1. The competition is open to paid up members of the ROC. New members may join on the night if they wish.
  2. No more than three entries per category per entrant.
  3. Entrants agree to winner and runner up photographs being displayed by the ROC on it?s website and used for publicity purposes, at the Club?s discretion. The ROC will make reasonable attempts to ensure acknowledgement is given to photographers whose work is used in this way.
  4. Photographs will be judged by Gordon Langsbury based on all factors including exposure, colour cast, focus, composition and form.
  5. Photography related prizes will be given in all categories for first place and second place and the overall winner will also win the Gordon Langsbury Cup.

Digital section

  1. Photographs will be of birds only ( including ?in habitat? images).
  2. Limited image manipulation is permissible but no cloning of the bird image itself. Accordingly, adjustment to exposure, sharpening, colour correction, sensor dust spotting and cropping and resizing is acceptable. It is not permissible to clone any part of bird images, or copy or pass off other people?s work.
  3. Images should be resized if possible to 1024×768 and 72dpi. If images are not of this size they will be adapted by the ROC without responsibility for the results.
  4. Closing date for entries is 9 February 2005. No changes or additions can be considered after that time. Images should be emailed to or sent on a CD to his home address: Blakeney, St. Catherine?s Road. Frimley Green, Surrey, GU16 9NP. Any questions please telephone 01252 837411.
  5. The pictures will be placed in Microsoft Powerpoint and shown as a slide show. Portrait pictures will be expanded to full page height.

Colin Wilson –

20 December 2004